Most of the information you need is on the Stevens Graduate School web page. There you will find much information as well as the application forms for admission, funding, and housing. American students can apply via the Web. International students must download the forms and mail them in.


Please note that the Computer Science department has more stringent application requirements than most of the other departments at Stevens. In particular:

Stevens-Funded Assistantships

Funding is awarded by the department to the most highly qualified students. Both teaching assistantships (TAs) and research assistantships (RAs) are available for full time students. A TA's duties are to assist in the teaching of courses, usually by grading assignments and/or teaching a small recitation section. A research assistant's duties are to assist a faculty member with his/her research. An RA position is preferable because the research the student performs is typically preparation for or directly relevant to the student's PhD dissertation topic. An assistantship pays the student's tuition and fees, and also yields a stipend. For the 2000-01 school year, the stipend is $12,000 for students whose highest degree is a BA or BS, $13,000 for students with an MA or MS, and $14,000 for students who have 30 or more graduate credits and have completed the PhD qualifying exam. Summer support, typicall at a much higher stipend level, may also be available.

Externally-Funded Fellowships

All of these fellowship programs are highly competitive, and most are limited to US citizens. However, obtaining such a fellowship will make your graduate career easier. A concise comparison of most major graduate fellowship programs is available here. Several well known fellowship programs, arranged by deadline, are: I'm not sure these continue to exist: IBM, AT&T, Office of Naval Research (ONR), Air Force. The latter two programs may have been subsumed by NDSEG.


Many consider Hoboken a highly desirable place to live. Accordingly, apartments are in demand and are very expensive. Those who prefer to live off campus should search for apartments in the nearby towns of Jersey City and Bayonne. Affordable public transportation is available between Hoboken and these towns. There are many apartment search sites on the Web, such as

Stevens maintains three graduate dormitories, renting rooms at far below the market rate. For the current school year (2000-01), per-semester rates vary from $1515 to $2899, depending on the dormitory and whether one or two persons occupy the room. You should expect rates for the 2001-02 school year to be a few percent higher. This subsidized housing is in high demand, so contact the Office of Residence Life for a description of the housing alternatives and a housing application as soon as possible. Their address is:

Stevens Institute of Technology
Office of Residence Life
Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Fax: 201-216-8324
Further information may be obtained by email to either the general Graduate School address, or the Assistant Director of Residence Life, Mr. Douglas James.