Stevens is located in Hoboken NJ, a small (1 square mile) town on the western bank of the Hudson river, between the Lincoln (north of town) and Holland (south) tunnels that connect New Jersey to New York City. The university is located on Castle Point, a high promontory jutting into the Hudson River, across from the Greenwich Village section of New York.

In my opinion, the university and department web sites fail to capture the beauty of the Stevens campus. Accordingly, I have had digital photographer Jim Galvin produce some QuickTime Panoramas (viewer needed) of the campus and its views of Manhattan:

If you are intensely interested in the history of Stevens Tech, consult the book History of Stevens Institute of Technology: A Record of Broad-Based Curricula and Technogenesis by Geoffrey W. Clark, a Stevens professor of humanities and social sciences; ISBN 1-893032-24-8.