Jan Schaumann

Jan Schaumann is a Staff Information Security Engineer at Twitter. He has also worked in both small and large environments, including Etsy and Yahoo!. He holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Jan was the System Administrator for the Department of Computer Science (initially) and the Imperatore School of Sciences and Arts (ISSA) at Stevens Institute of Technology from 09/2001 until 07/2006. During that time, he was also the instructor for the classes Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment and Aspects of System Administration (the syllabus, course outline and goals for which he developed). Jan is currently working on a course book for this class.

Jan is also one of the developers of the NetBSD operating system, where, amongst other things, he used to manage the NetBSD Project's participation in Google's Summer of Code program.

CS631 - Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

In the Fall of 2013, Jan Schaumann teaches the class CS631 - Advanced Progamming in the UNIX Environment (aka APUE and previously run as CS765 or CS810). Please see the course webpage for details.

CS615A - Aspects of System Administration

In the Spring of 2014, Jan Schaumann will teach the class CS615 - Aspects of System Administration (aka ASA). Please see the course webpage for details.


You can contact Jan via email at jschauma@stevens.edu. Please include the phrase "[Stevens]" in the subject line.
You can download his public PGP key here or from pgp.mit.edu.
You can follow him on Twitter.