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I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science department at Stevens Institute of Technology

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My research interest centers on Programming Languages with applications to Computational Systems Biology and Security.

Computational Systems Biology is an emerging discipline that studies complex biological systems where large numbers of diverse and multifunctional elements interact in selective ways.  In collaboration with Svetlana Sukhishvili, Matt Libera (Stevens), and Henk Busscher’s group (UMCG), I am working on the modeling of bacteria-materials interactions.  Together with Karin Sauer (Binghamton) I am studying biofilm development in the presence of antimicrobial and dispersing agents.  My first modeling experience was joint work with Joseph Glavy (Stevens); we modeled the G-protein cycle.

Language-Based Security is the application and development of innovative programming language techniques to address security, access control, privacy, and confidentiality issues. My main goal is to further our knowledge of the production of high-quality software systems, either by constructing proved-correct software, designing calculi for the modeling of complex software systems, or studying meta-theoretical results relevant to the production of such software.

I am the Chair of the Presidential Commission on the Advancement of Women at Stevens

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