I am the program director for two graduate education programs.

The M.S. in Service Oriented Computing is an accelerated professional education program that provides skills in front-end application development. The entry point to this program is a graduate certificate that involves courses in information architecture and Web design, human computer interaction, service oriented architecture, and internet application development. The latter is an introduction to C# and .NET. Electives in the program include courses in data mining, privacy, SOA security, and may include electives in other programs and departments. The MS/SOC program was explicitly designed in recognition of the growing importance of the Web and Web services (including REST) for sharing information and computational resources. Domain experts have neither the time nor the inclination to go back to school and gain a background in Computer Science. These experts will find this program useful in bringing them up to speed quickly and efficiently on what can be done and how it can be done.

More information is available at the Service Oriented Computing web site.

The M.S. in Enterprise Computing is a specialized Computer Science graduate program that focuses on the emerging reality of virtualized architectures, Web services and cloud computing. The program includes required courses in virtualization, distributed computing and service oriented architecture. Electives include courses in data mining, privacy and enterprise security, as well as electives in other disciplines such as finance.

More information is available at the Enterprise Computing web site.