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PhD Positions at Stevens Institute of Technology

The Department of Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology in New York City is seeking applicants for PhD Student positions in the area of programming languages, formal methods (and systems security). Stevens Computer Science is a rapidly expanding department and we are looking for talented young researchers to join. Successful applicants are expected to participate in a rigorous research program on topics such as programming languages, security, program analysis, formal verification, temporal logic and IoT security.


Successful applicants will work with Prof. Eric Koskinen on projects including:

Formal verification of program transformations. This project aims to develop automatic software verification techniques to ensure the correctness of programs that have been transformed. Specifically, our goal is to formally prove that some aspects of the program behavior have remained the same (e.g. during coarse-grained optimizations), whereas others have changed (due to feature reduction and security changes). These problems come with both specification and scalability challenges. Successful applicants should have a combination of creativity, self-motivation, and strong interests in applying formal verification to solve practical problems. While we encourage all interested candidates to apply, knowledge in one or more of the following areas would be beneficial:

  • Formal reasoning about programs and program transformations
  • Automatic Software Verification
  • Abstract Interpretation
  • Temporal Logic
  • Mathematical/logical foundations of automatic verification
  • Deduction, composition, and abstraction for verification

For those interested in Attack surface reduction and protection of software binaries, see these openings

New students will collaborate with current researchers and students at Stevens, as well as with other faculty members active in the area of security, systems, verification and programming languages.


PhD student applicants must have BS degree in Computer Science or a closely related field. An MS degree is not required and students can start in the fall or spring semester. All PhD students are fully funded, including their tuition and a generous stipend. Interested applicants should email a CV to and submit an application via More information regarding the project lead can be found at