CS615A -- Aspects of System Administration - Exercise: adding users

Exercise: Create your user account on different OS

Run a FreeBSD, Omnios, and Fedora EC2 instance

$ aws ec2 run-instances --instance-type t1.micro --image-id ami-d0b520b8 # FreeBSD
$ aws ec2 run-instances --instance-type t1.micro --image-id ami-50ecc847 # OmniOS
$ aws ec2 run-instances --instance-type t1.micro --image-id ami-6de0dd04 # Ubuntu Linux

Note: these AMIs are in the us-east-1 availability zone.

Create your own user

On each system, create your own user account. The user account should be identical in all regards to your user account on linux-lab.cs.stevens.edu. That is, it should have the same username, UID, primary group, supplementary groups, login shell, etc. (If you do not have an account on linux-lab, set up an account that's identical to the one on the macOS/Linux/... system that you use.)

Write a short document outlining how you performed this task, and send it via email to jschauma@stevens.edu with a subject of "[CS615] in-class exercise". Answer the following questions:

What tools did you use to identify this information?

Do the tools to create the accounts on each instance differ? How?

Write up the high-level to sync dozens or hundreds of accounts across hundreds or thousands of hosts. Consider pitfalls and error scenarios.

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