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NetBSD at Stevens

At Stevens Institute of Technology, the NetBSD operating system is used throughout the Department of Computer Science as the main faculty desktop as well as for all public Unix laboratories. In addition, NetBSD is also running on the majority of the servers in the CS Dept. and the desktops of several of the Math Departments faculty.

The use of NetBSD to maintain the large number of identical workstations is described in detail in Jan Schaumann's paper ``NetBSD/Desktop: Scalable Workstation Solutions'' presented at the EuroBSDCon 2004 Conference (slides); you can find more detail about the Computer Science Lab at

In addition to the above, the Department of Computer Science maintains a state of the art clustered High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF or, more colloquially, a "cluster") suitable for research in areas of computer science and engineering that may require substantial computational effort. This facility consists of 30 computing nodes, each with two 1 GHz processors and 2 GB of memory, communicating with each other over a high-performance gigabit network switch. The nodes are connected to a dual-processor I/O server with two 1.5 GHz processors and 3 GB of memory providing access to approximately 600 GB of fast redundant fault-tolerant disk storage. The entire cluster runs, of course, NetBSD as well. See this page for details.

A similar though diskless cluster in the Physics Department is currently being converted to NetBSD as well.

Finally, NetBSD was used as the platform of choice for the 2004 ACM Regional Collegiate Programming Contest, which was hosted at Stevens, and for which Jan Schaumann developed a NetBSD Live CD that may be used in future competitions as well.

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