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4  Edited collections

Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Fourth Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security, 2009, Dublin, Ireland. Co-editor with Stephen Chong. Published by ACM Press, 131 pages, ISBN 978-1-60558-645-8

VSTTE (Verified Software: Theories, Tools, Experiments) 2010 Workshop Proceedings Co-editor with Rajeev Joshi (NASA), Tiziana Margaria (Potsdam), Peter Müller (ETH Zurich), and Hongseok Yang (U. London). Technical Reports 676, ETH Zurich, Computer Science.

Formal Methods: Foundations and Applications – Proceedings of 15th Brazilian Symposium, 2012. Co-editor with Rohit Gheyi. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume 7498.

5th International Symposium on Unifying Theories of Programming (UTP 2014), Revised Selected Papers. Editor. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume 8963.

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