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5  Miscellaneous talks not linked with papers above (incomplete list)

Naïve and flexible declassification with scalable enforcement, at The Open Group, Real-Time Embedded Systems Forum, San Diego, 2 Feb 2009.

Verification of Object-oriented Programs, seven hours of lectures for ITU Copenhagen First Fall PhD School on Logics and Types for State, 2008.

Use auxiliary state to express modular structure, at ETAPS 2005 Grand Challenge Workshop on Software Verification, Edinburgh, 3 April 2005.

Assertion based encapsulation and refinement of classes, at Formal Methods for Components and Objects, Leiden NL, 4 Nov 2004.

Towards imperative modules, at the New Jersey Programming Languages Seminar, Princeton, 1 Oct 2004.

Reasoning about modules: data refinement and simulation, at the Java Verification Workshop in conjunction with POPL 2002.

Java, Access Control, and Static Analysis, at the NJITES Symposium on Cyber Security and Trustworthy Software, March 15, 2002.

Invited talk at 2002 Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages on talk on confinement and abstraction.

NJ Programming Languages Seminar 10/10/02 confinement and representation independence.

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